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A Clear View Of Your Defensive And Security Needs

Do you have a clear view of your defensive and security needs? Your personal safety depends on it. If you are too paranoid, you may become overly focused on perceived threats to the exclusion of all else. If you are not paranoid enough, you may walk into an ambush. The world is a dangerous place, and you don’t want to become some scum bag’s lunch, but you do want to be able to enjoy your own lunch. What is the solution? The solution is to develop a realistic and clear view of your defensive and security needs. Begin by becoming […]

Individualized Handgun Training Makes A Difference

When I teach concealed carry permit classes, I seldom fail to be surprised by the numbers of students who demonstrate inadequate, faulty, and even dangerous gun handling skills. People with varying levels of firearms experience register for our classes. We instruct people who have never touched a firearm before as well as people who have been around guns since childhood and who have been shooting for years. Students run the gamut from those who do not even own a firearm to those who own numerous firearms. Many of our students have never taken a handgun safety class, while others have […]

Take Responsibility For Your Personal Safety

1. Who is ultimately responsible for protecting me and my loved ones? We are all responsible for protecting ourselves — knowing that education is power and power is the first thing that the criminal intends to take away from you! The responsibility for acquiring knowledge of defensive measures lies strictly where it belongs and that is with you and your immediate family. Outsiders can be great communicators, but very often they do not and cannot share your own personal risk profile. Therefore, they cannot know the optimal protective measures for you and your family. Statistically, urban dwellers are at much […]