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Media Availability | Dr. Bruce Eimer's Girl Security

Media Availability

Dr. Bruce EimerDr. Eimer is available to provide live or pre-recorded commentaries for regularly scheduled TV and cable news programs and talk shows, as well as for impromptu live or pre-recorded broadcast interviews about breaking news on national TV news networks such as CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC.  Dr. Eimer is also available to provide expert consultation to program producers and other members of the TV and film media, as well as expert consultations and professional opinions for newspaper and magazine print articles.

Dr. Eimer can be interviewed at any of the major network affiliates in Philadelphia. Appearances at national TV news network headquarters can also be arranged. Dr. Eimer is also available for radio interviews.

You can contact Dr. Eimer by calling 215-259-8620 or 215-938-7283. Or you may e-mail him by clicking here