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Refuse To Be A Victim | Dr. Bruce Eimer's Girl Security

Refuse To Be A Victim

Refuse To Be A Victim“Senior Citizen Pulls Gun On Knife-Wielding Robber”
“A senior citizen using the men’s room yesterday at a popular Middletown eatery was approached by a would be robber waving a knife. The potential victim responded by pulling out his own weapon – a handgun. A thin, white male between 25 and 30 years old tried to rob the 68-yearold Langhorne man about 9:30 a.m…Middletown Sgt. Ken Mellus said. The Langhorne man is licensed to carry the gun, police said. No shots were fired and the suspect fled…”

Bucks County Courier Times. February 24, 2004

We can only speculate about the outcome had the intended victim been unarmed and unprepared. In this case, he was armed and hopefully prepared to use his handgun to defend himself if he had to. Fortunately, he didn’t have to. His would-be attacker probably decided that his would-be victim wasn’t going to be an easy target and wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

Guns Save Lives
Most criminal predators hunt for easy prey. They view the elderly as falling into this category, and unfortunately, many do. This armed senior citizen perhaps initially looked like he did, but much to his attacker’s surprise, he did not. He refused to be a victim, and no one was hurt. Unfortunately, criminal assaults against the elderly are on the rise, and unprepared and unarmed victims are often hurt, disabled, and murdered. However, where citizens are legally permitted to carry concealed weapons, a notable crime drop follows (Lott, 1998). Firearm training and weapons privileges dramatically reduce the effects of criminal predators. This is because most criminal predators are street smart. They realize that they’re more likely to get shot by a threatened armed citizen than they are by the police. Thus, guns save lives.

Legendary firearms trainer, Clint Smith, has said: “We don’t necessarily take pride in the fact that some of our students have survived gunfights. Where we get our greatest personal satisfaction is the large number of our students who call to report that they have avoided a gunfight because of something they learned in one of our classes.”

Many seniors pine for the “old days” when you could walk your neighborhood without fear of falling victim to some degenerate element of society. However, those days are gone, and living under the illusion that the police will protect you will not make you safer. There just aren’t enough police. What’s more, the courts have ruled that the police have no legal responsibility to protect individual citizens from criminal attacks! (Rementer & Eimer, 2005). The court-adjudicated responsibilities of the police are to keep the peace, protect the public, investigate crimes after the fact, and arrest criminals. It would be a great world to live in that didn’t require defensive measures and lethal force. However, Utopia is a pipe dream that is written about, but it isn’t reality. Reality is that this world is not safe!

If You Look Like Food, You Are Likely To Be Eaten
If you look physically weak to a predatory criminal, you probably look like food to him. So, unless you want to be eaten, get strong, and don’t look like food! As Clint Smith says, refuse to be food and become willing to fight to keep from being food.

As a senior citizen, the reality is that you are probably not as strong, or as physically fit, as a bad to the bone, eighteen, twenty, or thirty something year-old animal in his prime. If you look weak, you will look vulnerable to Mr. Baddy. Additionally, if you suffer from physical maladies, or disabilities, you are in fact vulnerable; that is, unless you can balance or reduce your vulnerability with fighting tools and the skills to use them. So, reduce your vulnerability and don’t let yourself be a “dirt bag magnet”!

This is why you should consider carrying a concealed firearm (or two) and consider keeping one (or several) firearms accessible for home defense. Both of these measures are forms of preparation should you encounter a problem, just as carrying a spare tire in your car, and having smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher in your home are forms of preparation.

However, simply buying and carrying a gun or keeping one locked up in your safe, without obtaining the necessary knowledge to safely use and maintain it, will not furnish you with greater personal security. Untrained people with firearms are, more often than not, more of a hazard to themselves than is an actual criminal attack. They react rather than act. So, if you are going to go armed, appropriate firearms training is a necessity.

Refuse To Be A Victim
Refusing to be a victim (food) is an active, ongoing process that involves taking responsibility (or, response-ability) for your own safety. It means developing the ability to respond decisively and aggressively to any dirt bag who presents an immediate threat to your continued well-being and existence.

Knowledge Is Power
Knowledge is power, and now you know that you must take appropriately realistic steps to strengthen your personal security. In fact, you’re probably reading this column because you realize that your first step is learning about defensive firearms–the great equalizer. Our nation’s founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment into our Bill Of Rights to guarantee our right to keep and bear arms, because they understood that those who were armed were equal, and those who weren’t were not.

As a senior citizen, you deserve to enjoy your “Golden Years” that you worked so hard to earn. So, hold onto them. Take advantage of all of those “early bird specials” and don’t let yourself become food. No one has the right to take your Golden Years away and cut your life short before it’s your time to go.

This column (of which this is the introductory article), and this magazine, have been conceived to give you some of the essential knowledge you’ll need to safely and effectively exercise your constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms, at home, and on the dangerous streets. We want you to stay healthy and safe so that you can continue enjoying your Golden Years. In future articles in this column, we shall address the unique challenges of being a fighting senior citizen-a Second Amendment senior citizen; an armed senior citizen.

Teach That Person To Fish, Hunt, And Shoot!
You can give a hungry man (or woman) a fish, but isn’t it better to teach that man how to catch his own fish? You can give him a venison steak, but isn’t it better to teach him how to shoot one for himself? Then, he’ll never go hungry again! You can also just go ahead and give that hungry man a fishing rod and a hunting rifle. But if you don’t teach him how to use these tools, how many fish will he catch, and how many deer will he bag?

So there we have it. Just like a fishing rod, a firearm is a tool, and handguns are practical self-defense tools-in most instances, not typically meant for hunting, but rather meant to avoid being hunted. However, just like a fishing rod, a firearm’s terminal effectiveness depends on the skills of the person maintaining and using it. If you have a handgun, and one day, you have to use it to defend your life, would you be prepared to do so? If the answer is “no”, then it is never too late to learn, and now is the time to begin learning. If the answer is “yes”, then keep on learning!

Not Yet A Senior Citizen?
We hope that this column will also be of interest to those of you who are not yet senior citizens. We believe there are important lessons that everyone can learn from the unique challenges that seniors face in staying armed. So, learn these lessons well now. Learn how to effectively defend yourself with a handgun (and a shotgun, and a rifle), and some day, you too will be a senior citizen.

Future articles in this series will address ways to adapt to these challenges and overcome, as opposed to being overcome.

When I filled out my state’s application for a license to carry firearms, I had to check a box indicating my reason for applying. I checked “self-defense”, and that was the right answer, just as it was for the elderly man in the diner rest room. Those of us who exercise our concealed carry weapons privileges, do so because we have chosen to take responsibility for our own self-protection. Hopefully, as private citizens, we will never have to shoot another person. However, if a vicious attacker places us in immediate jeopardy of death or grievous bodily harm, we have a moral obligation to aggressively and decisively employ lethal force in defense of our own life (Cooper, 1989). So be prepared! God gave us our life, and only He has the right to take it back.

Stay alert, stay attentive, stay aware, and stay away from trouble. But, if trouble finds you, be prepared to aggressively and viciously defend your life, and you will stay alive.

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