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The Argument Against Gun Control Made Simple | Dr. Bruce Eimer's Girl Security

The Argument Against Gun Control Made Simple

Let’s make it simple.

Let’s say private ownership of guns is banned. As with prohibition in the 20’s, the firearms black market will flourish. Just look at today’s drug trade. Wack jobs and criminals will illegally buy their guns. Law abiding citizens will be disarmed. Either law enforcement will be overwhelmed or we will have a police state.

Truthfully their can be no dialogue between defenders of the Second Amendment and gun control ideologues. The latter want to force their views on everyone. Comply or risk being labelled negatively and jailed, fined or sanctioned in some way. That is not liberal, which means tolerant. That is fascist. More guns means less crime because murderous cowards are deterred by resolute armed citizens who will short circuit a wacko publicity seeker’s plans.

Utopia is a pipe dream. Keep smoking that illegal weed if you believe in peace and free love. The world will never be peaceful. Only the strong and the lucky survive and prosper. With that said, we need to be tolerant of every point of view as long as another’s point of view does not infringe on other people’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The motto I endorse is “don’t tread on me”. Do not punish the good actors for the crimes of the bad actors. Gun control takes away the rights of good people because of what the bad actors do. That is punishment. That is also Communism. With Communism however, those few in power always seem to keep their stuff. I don’t buy it. Nor should you!

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